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Winning System Combination

"I never did get around to adding these sleek silvery twins to our collection. To this day I simply remember them for most exemplifying what makes this Zu speaker special and different; and doing so for a very fair price indeed. I'm admittedly still hazy on which of Hyperion's specs made it such a perfect match. It does 80wpc into 8ohms, 150wpc into 4ohms. Its fully balanced class AB circuit runs off a 300VA power supply with 147'600uF capacitance.

None of it is predictive or particularly illuminating. It's why I wanted to document the combo in this feature series. This was one of those dumb-luck tories which on paper didn't give anything away.

Even 20 years of reviewing have me at a loss. In fact I'd been pretty much done with the Denafrips review when a sudden curiosity piqued and compelled me to roll the Druid VI out of storage. It seems only right to pay it forward now. If you're into a rhythmically propulsive dynamically ballsy presentation with fat tone and very rocking attitude and also like to listen loud, today's system really does tick off all your boxes. Hyperion only takes an XLR signal so Hestia's RCA output remains available to supply Zu's matching Submission subwoofer; should that lust arise. Nothing wrong if it doesn't. Nothing wrong if it does. You'll be set either way."

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