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The Birth Of A Deity


Denafrips Venus is an incredible sounding DAC from any point of view. It will please all types of music lovers with sweet sonics, rich harmonics, with its full-bodied and grain-free presentation. I tried looking for the needle in the haystack but the more I looked the more I was losing the “find a bloody con” game. Is the Venus a perfect sounding digital source? No. But it is the closest to perfection I encountered thus far in my long journey. If you would trade convenience of a remote control and of a volume control with ultimate sound performance, then Denafrips Venus is definitely for you.

Venus is built like a tank, weights like one too, but looks like the goddess Venus itself with those curved top and front plates and with those curvy sexy feet. Thus far, it’s the most natural, the most airy, deep and wide sounding DAC I experienced at my place and sure enough it impressed the hell out of me. If you have the cash to spend and if you’re looking for the next best thing, Denafrips Venus just might be the ticket to the musical wonderland you are searching for a lifetime.


  • Beautiful and sleek looking device

  • Incredible build quality and weight attached to it

  • Widest possible soundstage, deep sounding as Mariana Trench

  • Crazy good pin point imaging and 3D holography

  • Linear frequency response and super extended on both ends

  • Impressive levels of transparency and resolution

  • Excellent dynamics, pace, rhythm and timing

  • Lacks any noise and distortion, black as night background

  • Full-bodied, rich in tonality and the most life-like sounding source I listened to

  • Possesses an amazing slam in the chest and a quick transient response

  • Widest selection of digital inputs

  • Amazing price for an immaculate performance


  • A remote control would be nice

Credit: Soundnews Owner, Sandu Vitalie

Yours Sincerely,



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