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  • David Law


Hi Alvin, I would like to give you a bit of feedback on the system pieces you sold me.

The Kinki Studio EX-P7 and the Denafrips Terminator DAC + I2s connection through the Singxer SU-1 USB Bridge.

Kinki Studio EX-P7

First I wanted to look at the Claim of A smooth Volume control with no loss of top or bottom as volume went lower, so I put on Finlandia.

Played this at 70db for the opening 3 mins mostly long chords, then I dropped the volume to 60db and wow it is true, no loss in detail, tone or dynamics this is magic for late night listening and shows the beauty of the Kinki.

Denafrips Terminator DAC

A bit of Jazz should help me sort out this dac and it’s tonal qualities

So hearing the bass on Track 2” Moaning” it was stunning, and natural and this is something I have found throughout my listening a NATURAL TONE to the music, there was a separation to the instruments and they were clearly defined in their own space. The Solo Drums sounded just right.

Choral Music I used the Rachmaninoff Vespers this showed how the Kinki and Terminator could give a true sense of space.

The Cathedral of St Peter the Apostle Kansas city was the venue for this recording an in both solo and full choral you can sense the space and grandeur of the building but the miking allowed ever note and person to be heard clearly.

Another testament to the Kinki /Terminator combination.

Some have Said The Kinki / Terminator combination gives good bass well I put this to the test and I warn others DO NOT PLAY THIS LOUD !

Master of Chinese Percussion YIM HOK-MAN

3 mins into this the sound of the bass drums are chest beating, the rim shots on the Chinese drums are accurate and defined and the sound is natural. It is the deep notes and fine detail of all the instruments that struck me. On the Kinki/Terminator this detail is not hard but defined in such a natural way most times drums are just a thud here they are notes and the beats have character.

Lastly the Top end, for this I went to Touching Silk by Frank Steiner Jr, Track 5 Bells of the Himalayas.

The various bells and chimes, ring in the air and again it is tone that is defined. Clear ringing that lasts and tone that defines each instrument.

Alvin I have to thank you, for when I was buying blind it was a risk but this combination has given me a Definition, Separation, Dynamics and such a beautiful tone to instruments I am truly stunned and it is worth every penny and double that so thank you.



p/s: I have played Horn professionally, owned B&W, Martin Logans, Maggies , VTL, Wadia,Quad, Rogers, and many other top names but this combination has topped them all. THANKS.

Credit: David Law @ Singapore

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