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12th FPGA Firmware Updated /Ares II

Here is a quick system desc...

  • Dedicated 20A circuit

  • Three 8 foot additional grounding rods

  • Furman Elite Power Conditioner

  • Source: JRiver Media Center on a Win10 Home Theater PC

  • Amps: AVA SET120, AVA Ultralinear Tube, Marantz PM8006

  • DACs: Denafrips Ares ll, Music Hall 25/3 Tube, RME Adi2, Teac

  • Speakers: ZU Dirty weekend 6, Klipsch RP8000F, Klipsch RPM600 (2)

  • Sub Klipsch

Red = Main Room Current Setup

The reflashed Ares ll (with the 12th Annv. FPGA Firmware) easily out performs the rest of the DACs I own. Since the reflash it is a perfect balance of smooth warmth coupled with perfect musical detail. The small nuances it brought out in Beth Hart and Diana Krall's voices brought them right into the room, full engagement from a listening standpoint.

Thank you for the upgrade, I am impressed by the results and your commitment to customer service and the hobby/lifestyle we all love.

Credit: James C. @ USA

Project x FPGA Firmware Update



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