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Your professional reputation gets "high marks" from me

I took some photos but it is challenging to get the whole room with details or Denafrips components standing out since they are black. So, i took a few pics. of just the components which set just to the left of me.

Middle is my iMac 27", speakers are new-the monitor audio silver 50's. They are outstanding for desktops. Turntable is Linn LP12 (1983-84). Kinky Studio EX M1 with upgraded Staccato Op-amps, Willsenton R8 with NOS sylvania 6SN7's and 6SL7's i got from Ukraine just before or shortly after the war broke out there.

Below left bottom is the "Pontus II with upgraded DSP board." Sitting on Pontus II is the Denafrips Iris, on top of that is the ADI-2 Pro (Dac) and above that is the Bluesound Node 2021 version with upgrade LHY linear power supply and internal components both featured in your "how to" video.

Beside that is the Schiit Freya with upgraded sylvania 6Sn7 tubes which has served me well for some time.

Thank you again for your time, generosity, kindness and patience in helping me to get the DSP board replaced... Your professional reputation gets "high marks" from me and others in the audiophile community... Vinshine Audio rocks...

Credit: Don @ Texas, USA





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