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Well, am I a happy bunny? Absolutely!

Well, better late than never! My new listening room took about 2 months longer to finish than hoped and despite a few significant construction issues along the way, it has been so worthwhile. In summary the room was roughly 6 metres square and yes there were some standing wave problems, but these weren’t too much of problem, or so I thought. However, having now taken out the supporting wall between the kitchen and lounge, the room now measures roughly 6 metres wide by 10 metres long and much of the unevenness has disappeared. There’s no sound treatment other than sympathetic soft furnishings and only a couple of my minor lumps in 80 to 130Hz region remain which the Aries G2 processor irons out quite well.

Prior to commencing the room remodeling, I had the same system components, the only difference was the standard Terminator (latest version) which I have to say was a big improvement over the Yggdrasil analog 2 it replaced, which I liked a lot and rated very highly and in my system and to my ears, better than Chord’s Dave.

The Terminator plus landed mid works, but thankfully I had a headphone system setup so it went straight into service, which ensured it was well burnt in before it was installed in the main system. Once it settled down, I was really impressed with improvements I hearing over headphones, Oppo PM1’s and I recall thinking “if the improvements I’m hearing are as obvious through the speakers, I’ll be a very happy bunny”.

Well, am I a happy bunny? Absolutely!

Is it better than the standard Terminator? Absolutely, in my system it is. Worth the extra cost? For me in my system, absolutely. Why? It’s just more musical, more enjoyable and more stimulating than anything else I’ve heard. It’s smoother yet more detailed, there’s more texture with a deeper yet clearer bass, what’s not to love? I can even play some remastered music that previously sounded too bright and harsh, but then my speakers are extremely revealing and take no prisoners.

Listen to Hans Beekhuyzen’s and/or Jay’s The Next Best Thing Studio reviews on YouTube, I agree with all their observations. I particularly like and agree with Jay’s comment that there’s a sprinkling of magic!

Final word about Vinshine Audio especially Alvin. They/he is a pleasure to deal with, very attentive with excellent communications. Highly recommended. Thanks Alvin.

Credit: Chris B @ UK




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