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This upgrade is worth a whole new device!

Hello Alvin,

Thank you very much, I will leave a feedback.

Sonically, this is a huge improvement.

Quite simply, to be honest I can't understand that this is just a software upgrade. I have the impression that I have replaced the whole device.

Until now, I've always thought that Pontus 2 would bring me some additional advantage, something that I was missing. But after this update... I'm not sure that I need Pontus at all, that it's worth the investment. Especially since I'm not able to try it before purchase and there is a chance that I need DDC for it as well, since, as I said, the USB connection always sounds too digital to me.

I somehow think that the combination of Denafrips Ares 2 with 12th FPGA Firmware update + Denafrip Iris would bring me much more benefits than Pontus 2 alone.

Resolution 192khz vs. 384khz or 768khz. I don't know... I think they are minimal differences. That the production - recording of the file is much more important. I personally have some flac files that are normal CD quality 44khz and play better than 384khz. Numbers are just numbers.

Thank you again to heaven for this and kudos to the whole team for breaking down the prejudices that companies only care about their own pockets!

This upgrade is worth a whole new device!


Mladen @ Serbia

Project x FPGA Firmware Update



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