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This is my first r2r dac

2 long weeks of waiting is totally worth it!

This is my first r2r dac, I couldn't wait for burn in but it sure gave me goosebumps at first. I am amazed by the layering, each instrument is nicely layered in the music, it feels like a "more" complete musical performance.

Another immediate notice is I don't hear the glaring sound so much especially in the high frequency and higher volume, resulted in more analogue and natural sounding. The slight trade off I could think of is the bass region it may not be as fast and punchy however still adequate in my opinion, depending on what genre of music. Overall Ares ii provides very nice and natural musical experience. Recommended!

Source: Ps4pro, Macbook Air, Spotify, Tidal.

Test equipment: Spendor SP2/2, JBL L50, Line Magnetic 216ia.


Yeow @ Malaysia



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