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This DAC has SOUL and EMOTIONS - Terminator Plus!

I’m not a reviewer and find it difficult to describe what I exactly hear. But with this Terminator Plus DAC it was obvious: summarizes In one word: MUSIC!

This DAC has SOUL and EMOTIONS. Foot tapping and watery Eyes. I’m always a bit nervous when listening to Delta Sigma, I do loose the connection with the details and the place in space…….

With the ladder Dac’s this isn’t so much the case (IMO). Very detailed highs, spooky mids and a bass made for my (smallish) room.

My system:

  • 2 x EtherRegen (fiberglass between the two) with Farad Super3

  • Cirrus 7 Nimbini Server Roon

  • 432 Evo Essence (Roon-NUC+Streamer+Endpoint+DAC)

  • Auralic Aries G1 (with Updated Powersupply)

  • Denafrips Terminator Plus

  • icOn 4 Pro (SE) (AVC Preamp)

  • Ypsilon Aelius MK 2

  • Tidal Contriva G2 (Dark Rosewood)

  • Ypsilon CDT 100

  • Zilplex Acoustic Adaption (11 pieces .. Check this out!!)

  • Zilplex Pure Silver Cables: All Power, RCA , XLR and Speaker cables

Credit: Robert - Happy owner of Terminator-Plus DAC




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