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This combination is the best I've ever heard.

Hello Alvin,

Well, last night I finally hit audio Nirvana. I have dialed my Denafrips Ares 2 in with Nordost Red Dawn interconnects, Signal cable power cables, and Monolith USB cable.

As you can see in the pic my AKG K701's are modified with Jenna labs cryo reference 8 cables wired directly to the drivers. I have also done the base port mod. The Lehmann Black Cube linear has been modded with dip 8 adapter and is running 2 OPA 627 BP biased to class A with 3.5K Blackgate resistors.

This combination is the best I've ever heard. I won't go into all that I've heard but let's just say in 45 years, there's been plenty. I have also connected it to the Jim Fosgate signature tube headphone amplifier along with Kimber select and hero interconnects for comparison.

Well, I'm no reviewer so I won't go through all of the superlatives but the word of the day is articulate. I can't thank you enough for your tremendous valued products and give the highest praise for the Denafrips Ares 2 DAC.

Thank You much. 

Credit: Mike M - USA Oregon




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