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The DENAFRIPS Ares II is the DAC I’ve been searching for for 30 years!

Hi Annie!

Attached are a couple of photos of my system for you to use on your website along with my initial impressions:

The DENAFRIPS Ares II is the DAC I’ve been searching for for 30 years! It easily outperforms other DACs I’ve had in my system. I’ve had the Ares II in my system for about 10 days now. Everything sounds just as it should from individual instruments and vocals. Ex: an acoustic bass sounds like a bass, female & male vocals sound real, no brightness or ‘edginess’, sound is smooth & natural, etc. In fact, the emotion in Chet Baker’s trumpet & voice come through like never before. In a live recording, even the audience sounds real! Soundstage is deep & wide & 3 dimensional. I could go on & on. After extensive experimenting with the 3 options (NOS & OS with two filters) I keep coming back to the OS, slow filter as my preferred choice.

I have to say that I was a little hesitate at first to buy a stereo component directly from a distributor so far away but after reading numerous reviews and having several questions answered quickly from Alvin, I was comfortable about pulling the trigger. And man, I’m glad I did! From the time it shipped, it took just 2 days by FedEx to go halfway around the world to within 20 miles of my home in Northern Michigan. Then, it took the local FedEx 3 days to deliver it to my home but to be honest, it arrived on the weekend to my local FedEx shipping center. In just 5 short days I had my Ares II delivered in perfect condition! Correspondence & support from Alvin and his staff, especially Annie was outstanding.

I worked for a service related business for over 40 years & Vinshine Audio’s customer service is second to none! Their commitment to their customers is clearly reflected in their responsiveness & customer service. The whole process could NOT have been easier or have gone more smoothly. my fellow audiophiles, buy with confidence. If you are looking for a piece of the ‘high-end’ sound at a modest price, do yourself a favor & pull the trigger. You’ll be glad you did!

Have a lovely day!

Gerald L. @ MI USA





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