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the Ares 12th-1 is a game changer.

I’d like to break the ice by describing how I started my audiophile journey. I’ve been a music lover all my life but it’s only been maybe 5 years since I started buying serious audio gear.

My modest setup is as follows:

  • Audiolab 9000a integrated amp (QED XT401 cables, Symphony II XLR interconnects)

  • Q Acoustics 3050i floor standers

  • Wharfedale SW150 sub

  • BlueSound Node 2021 streamer

  • SMSL SD9 streamer

  • NAD C538 cd player

  • Topping D90SE dac

  • IfI NEO Idsd dac

and of course, (drum roll…..) the star of the show and the single most important piece in my rig: my new:

  • Denafrips ARES 12th Anniversary R2R dac

I’m no audiophile reviewer but let me tell you this: the Ares 12th-1 is a game changer. The imaging, stereo separation and wide soundstage is simply amazing. My favorite album to listen to is Eric Clapton’s Lady In The Balcony Lockdown Sessions. My favorite tracks here are Black Magic Woman and Layla; Eric’s bluesy guitar playing, Nathan East’s impeccable bass and Steve Gadd’s legendary drum skills come to life with these tracks on the Ares 12th. The sound is holographic, sweet on the edges, never harsh. I'm speechless at times when I'm listening to the music.

I really appreciate your email. I’m sharing some photos of my simple and modest setup.

Let’s enjoy the music, shall we?

Credit: Sotero T. @ Singapore





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