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thanks for your solid products.

I currently use the Pontus in my headphone system.

The Iris is both used for headphone and monitor system to clean up the streaming from my laptop.

Of course, they are all powered thru DENAFRIPS BIC 500 conditioner.

Using class A headphone amp and class D monitor amp. waiting on a SET tube amp as another sound compared to class D.

The Pontus is a fine sounding DAC. an upgrade over Proceed, Cambridge and Cayin DAC's i have used over the years, tube and solid state. Very easy to 'plug n play' as the outputs/inputs are numerous and operations on the front side are quick to dial in. it may find a place in one of my 2 main systems in my listening room. makes CD's and streaming come to life

the Iris Reclocker really helped to eliminate the noise inherent in streaming from a laptop. i got this little gem from you for just that purpose as i have the tunes going all day while i work and streaming from the laptop is so easy thru various channels. i run the Iris thru I2S direct to the Pontus as well as use Toslink to go to a tube DAC for my mini monitors. both in headphone mode or monitor mode, the noise sound is gone. and i am sure the ferrite choke usb cable makes sense too.

the power conditioner just helped to stabilize the power supply and feed all my components with a steady voltage. noticeable improvement in overall sound quality similar to when i upgraded amplifier power cables and interconnects. so, that is improvement yes-huge improvement no. just tying up loose ends and solidifying the entire sound system

thanks for your solid products.

too bad i dont travel to Hong Kong or Singapore any more or i would love to stop by and have a chat.

David @ Pennsylvania, United States





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