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Something I regret ? Yes, having waited too long to get it

What a sound !

I'm not an expert to describe what I hear nor writing in English.

I searched an external DAC to replace an optional DAC included into my integrated amplifier as well the DAC from my CD/SACD player actually used to play digital music out from my node 2i (coaxial). I already improved as much as possible cables and after many tests, no more transparency nor emotion could be get out of my current equipment's.

After long exchange with Alvin (which is very responsive and trying to provide the best answer) and of course a lot of read of forum threads as well blogs, I decided to buy a Venus II followed by a Hermes but none was available. An exchange with Alvin and after check the higher potential of the Terminator II having OCXO as well clocks outputs providing higher upgrade possibility, I ordered the Terminator II.

The order and expedition process was in the expected time range and my Terminator into a high quality package.

Once installed, the first impression was, what a fantastic sound, the gap with my existing DACs was big. After more than 100 hours, the sound quality was really better and it was no more possible for me to go backward on sound quality. After several tests, I found that the sound could be pushed on a higher level adding a tunned adapted dumper (tried different options and only one worked very well while others had bad effects) on the top of the DAC case (reducing micro vibration to 0) and the result was fantastic, outstanding !

Larger and more 3D image as well better and clear bass sound. This time, I shouted "Whouah" !

A friend playing and having study music, could hear the result out of my system and he said:

Outstanding, all is here, every sound, each note and each instrument at its location, voices are perfect and how easy is it to understand songs, musicians and singers are here !

The sound is so transparent that I hear everything at low volume level too ! stunning.

I congratulate Denafrips and Alvin for the extraordinary sound out of the Terminator II (already many awards but for me, it could have more...)

(It is a pleasure to hear music, hours after hours, lot of emotions but It has a price to pay, it is no more possible to go backward)

Something I regret ? Yes, having waited too long to get it

Current equipment:

- integrated amplifier: Accuphase E-650

- Streamer/digital player: Bluesound node 2i

- Speakers: Paradigm 3F

- Power cables*: (hifi-cables) JCT Supply one on Denafrips and powerstans II on the node 2i as well integrated amplifier

- Speaker cables*: (hifi-cables) JCT Speaker One

- Analog cables*: (hifi-cables) JCT Modul one / XLR

- Digital cables*: (hifi-cables) JCT Digit one (75ohm)

* (French production) very transparent, neutral and extreme low noise

Note: The case as well all connectors are very high quality (finition is as expected and not too far from what high-end competitors do)

Thanks Alvin.


Rémy @ France





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