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PONTUS is just a very big step upward.

Hello Alvin Chee, 10 days of listening pure delight. Thank to you and your staff. And a special thank to Annie for the packaging and sending right to my doorstep. Here s what I wtote on a Facebook group about my PONTUS.

5 days now since pluging the Pontus ll 12th anniversary DAC and many hours of listening (I am retired). I had to make a special splitter cable for XLR outputs to 2 RCA inputs. One for my Headphone amp and the other one for my integrated stereo amp (this is recommanded by Vinshine since the outputs of the DAC are shared.) I always use the NOS configuration on the Pontus. The streaming comes from NODE 130 by USB and the unit as a outboard LPS from Teddy Pardo. All the cables are very good quality without exagerating the ratio cost of it versus the cost of all my components. And yes, I did make my own power cords.

I must say that a liked very much my Audiolab M-DAC + which is a DAC/preamp/headphone unit. But the PONTUS is just a very big step upward. I am not very good at sonic description, but I will say with the PONTUS the stereo (R+L) is more define. What is suppose to be near my ears and suppose to be in back stage is perceptible at first audition. There is more bass. The voices (which I love most) are just incredible. I do not regret that addition on my lets say MidFi. Thank you again for all your suggestions,

Have a good day. François L. @ Canada





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