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Overall, I enjoy the new DAC and very happy with the addition.

Dear Alvin,

thank you for your email and support. I am happy with your recommendation to go with Venus II. Below is my view of the Venus II impact on my system sound.

My setup consists of MC C52 Preamp, Prima Luna EVO 400 Preamp, MC 302 Power Amp, Marantz 14S1 CD player, Melco N100 Music Server and Rega RP8 Turntable. I was previously using MC C52 built-in DAC.

With the installation of the Venus II ( essentially plug and play), and over 300 hrs of play, the improvement that I perceived and hear are the followings:

  • Tonal Quality ( Piano and Guitar)

    • Accurate and Sweet

  • Vocal

    • Nice present, sweet and clear

  • Sound stage

    • Very wide ( wider than the width of my speakers, for some recordings)

  • Imaging

    • Excellent. Can clearly identify the location of each instruments

  • Separation

    • Excellent. Can hear each note and tone clearly

  • Beat and Rhythm

    • Very musical with finger and foot tapping.

Music listened to are from Tidal, Melco and CD. Biggest noticeable improvement is when listening to Tidal. Sounds better than my CD at times.

Overall, I enjoy the new DAC and very happy with the addition.

Hope the above helps.

Best Regards,

K H KOH @ Singapore





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