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Overall I am a very happy customer.


I have been living with the Ares II for a month now and I could not be happier with my purchase. The Ares II was bought to replace my existing DAC (Theta Prime), due to that DAC being quite old and not having access to modern features. I have listened to a few DAC's and the Ares II comes the closest to the sound of my previous DAC, and in most cases is superior. The warm, generous sound that the Ares II produces is as impressive as the list of inputs, outputs and options that the Ares II comes with.

Getting the Ares II did highlight that my current streaming device was not up to the job, so that was upgraded shortly after getting the Ares II.

Moving away from the product, the buying experience was second to none. Often buying overseas products from South Africa is tricky, but buying the Ares II could not have been easier. The DAC arrived on time and undamaged.

Overall I am a very happy customer.

Stuart @ South Africa





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