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it sounds much more "organic"

It's always a bit hard to purchase something before you listen to it, so I had to rely on other people's opinions. I bought the Pontus II 12th and the communication with Vinshine was perfect, they kept me informed of my order all the way and the product arrived in my house (in Chile) safely and fast.

I just love the way it sounds.

I was already happy with my previous system, but there was something about the highs that didn't sound natural. The Denafrips just changed the tone immediately and it sounds much more "organic" than my previous chip-based DAC (which was a decent one, by the way). It improved my sound in every single aspect. The tone of those sparkling highs are so beautiful, the sounds of cymbals and metals are a pleasure to listen to.

The decay of those notes changed substantially. Feels like the drummer is in my room now. And the bass... oh the bass was that cherry on top that I was not really expecting. Didn't think my bass was not so good because of the DAC until I plugged the Pontus. The bass is so much more musical and defined using the same amplification and speakers. It paired perfectly with my tube integrated amplifier.

If you have a system between $5k and $10k I would say go with the Pontus II. Highly recommended!

Glauco P. @ Chile





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