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It reproduces music very naturally and if I could say "analog" sounding

Hi Alvin, a couple of photos of my system showing the Ares II are attached.

I am very happy with the product and believe it is an excellent value. I have not tried more expensive DACs in my system, however it does everything i expected and more.

It reproduces music very naturally and if I could say "analog" sounding - I find myself listening to digital sources as much or more than playing LP's. The amount of detail, depth and micro- and macro-dynamics produced are truly amazing. Highly recommended!

I should also say that dealing with Alvin and his company was a pleasure. Very responsive, fast shipping and good communication. Working through them should not be a concern and in fact the entire experience was better than dealing with some local companies.

Dean Foussianes

West Bloomfield, Michigan USA

January, 2021

System details:

- Turntable: Pro-ject Debut Carbon, Acrylic Platter, Ortofon 2M Blue

- Phono pre-amp: Darlington Labs MM-6

- Integrated amp: Wyred4Sound STI-500v2

- Streamer: Bluesound Node 2i with power supply upgrade, hardwired to router

- DAC: Denafrips Ares II

- Speakers: Ohm Walsh 4's with Super 4.3000 upgrade/update

- Interconnects, Power cables: Various - upgraded




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