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I feel like I don’t need to buy any more vinyl

Hi Alvin,

Thanks for replying and answering my questions . Thanks for the recommendations as well.

Your customer service , bar none, is one of the finest I’ve encountered . I couldn’t be any happier with my experience so far .

I’m currently using a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 for my streaming with TIDAL. I have an Oppo Blu-ray player for CD playback as well. I’ve never heard digital music sounded so analogue not until I added the Pontus ii to the mix .

The sonic improvement is just simply amazing . I play vinyl and have a decent set up with my project pro, ortofon LVB black cartridge and Cambridge audio phono pre amp , with more than average collection from both MOFI and analogue productions and would listen to digital casually because I prefer the analogue sound .

With the Pontus, I’m just dumbfounded how close , if not on par, it sounds with my analogue set up. It’s crazy how good. I haven’t looked at new vinyl releases for days now since I’ve had the Pontus . I feel like I don’t need to buy any more vinyl:). Haha.

I have a few pics taken from my phone . As you can see, the Pontus has become the heart and soul of my system right now. Love it that much.

Thanks again Denafrips and it’s outstanding team .

Credit: Arnold G. @ California USA





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