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Here’s my feedback on V1.8 (Ares II firmware)

Here’s my feedback on V1.8 (Ares II firmware)

After more than 50hrs of break-in:

It has never been coherent than it is now! The midrange sounds more organic, solid, with a greater low level retrieval. This character flows down smoothly towards the bass, where tonality and musicality are the primary attributes in this region.

Overall, the absence of analytical trait reveals the musically analog 3-dimensional experience, that takes you closer to live listening!

I will not revert to V1.6

Kudos to Alvin and the Vinshine team! We appreciate so much your continuous support.

Music source: Native DSD downloaded master files on DSD64-246, and PCM 24/352.8 (DXD) formats.

Player: Audirvana on Macbook Pro

Credit: John A. @ Philippines




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