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As I enjoy the vintage sound the Ares really fit the bill with its warm characteristic

Hi Alvin!

I’m happy to share my thoughts and pictures of my system with you guys.

So I bought the Ares 2 after doing a bit of research and reading and watching a lot reviews. As I’m essentially a collector of vintage hifi and vinyl records, but a couple of months ago I started building a more modern streaming alternative for me and my family to enjoy. As I enjoy the vintage sound the Ares really fit the bill with its warm characteristic.

As the system Is located in our living room, no physical room corrections are really feasible, so I really wanted to integrate some sort of DSP to the system and chose the MiniDSP SHD Studio.

As a streaming source I use a Mac Mini running Roon and streaming service Qobuz. The signal is then fed via USB to the MiniDSP SHD Studio and then via coax to the Ares 2.

For speakers I went with some trusty monitors I’ve been running successfully as a bedroom set up before (then with Naim Unitiqute 2), the Guru Audio Q10 Two. The speakers are designed to be placed close to the back wall and this was a prerequisite as we don’t want speakers in the middle of the living room. I got in touch with UK based speaker stand manufacturer Custom Design, to get stands that would match the speakers unconventional footprint and height.

To run it all I went with an Hegel H80 a fairly neutral amp with sufficient power on tap. The amp also accommodate using balanced signal cables as recommended by you guys. =)

All cables are by Swedish manufacturer Supra.

For more pictures of this evolving system (next up is implementing a subwoofer) check out my Instagram:

If you need any more text or pictures, feel free to contact me. I think its awesome that you interact with your customer and create a dialogue, hats off! And thank you for making such awesome products, hopefully I will get the opportunity to try more of your product range.


Michael Dupé @ Sweden





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