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Arce - One more winner from Denafrips!

The ARCE is now fully burnt in and connected to the Terminator II via USB and clock output running as a Roon end point.

My old streamer was a SOTM Ultra Neo and Ultra USB reclocker power by  Linear Power Supplies.

The ARCE is far superior to the SOTM delivering a thicker / richer sound, better texture, soundstage and dynamics. My wife also notices! Glad to get rid of the multiple LPS units and boxes. 

At this price point, as a Roon end point, it’s a no brainer. If you are using the Terminator II, the clock inputs, this is a great choice.

The only downside I see is that the setup is too fiddly with too many buttons. You need to simplify with either a web interface or easier controls.

The unit needs at least 200 hours to open up and deliver best SQ.

I would recommend making a streamer in the 3K price point — I will buy it.

One more winner from Denafrips!


Amar @ Singapore





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