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And well, it was! I’m glad I ordered the Pontus II.

Hi Annie,

I can share now some of my impressions, I have also one photo in attachment.

I have already my audio setup stable for over 7 years, so I pretty much know how it sounds. All the main components are from Usher Audio company, which I really like as based on my judgement it represents really great value for money product. All the years it sounded great to me, even if I was using some more basic streamer with integrated DAC as a source and I knew this piece might be a bottleneck in my setup. Still, overall the sound was great to me and I enjoyed it always I had time to listen to it (which was a challenge last 4 years due to kids and new work from home setup).

Now the streaming services boomed over past years and I happened to use them more and more. I wanted to be as flexible as possible therefore the logical decision was to search for some great standalone DAC which can serve it all, ideally connected to Mac or PC as only then the flexibility is highest (for example there are still no streamers on the market which would support Apple Music direct streaming).

After month of research, I came across Denafrips Pontus II. It was unknown area as I had no place where to try it at all. Despite of that, I decided to pull the trigger, there was plenty of reviews all over the internet and youtube, it looked almost like a safe bet.

And well, it was! I’m glad I ordered the Pontus II. The difference between the previous streamer+DAC and Pontus II is drastic. I liked the sound even before, but now I entered some another dimension or what. I was totally not aware my speakers are able to produce this type of sound, such detailed, with deep strong bass, enchanting voice, but not lacking basically anywhere. If before sometimes (mostly on bad recordings) I felt the sound is a bit harsh and cold, now I can listen just to anything, it all sounds gentle and warm to my ears, even the not so good recorded albums that I previously accepted to be just bad from the production and that there is nothing to be done with that. Pontus II is to me something very similar to my Usher setup – the price/value ratio is equally high and now I like my audio setup so much I’m not going to change anything – unless something goes wrong. Then my first visit will be to Denafrips page.

Thank you.

Michal @ Slovakia





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