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A real joy from a high-end Aficionado

Full Review: link


Associated audio Equipment:

  • Drive: Mark Levinson 31 cable AES EBU NBS reference - Recloaker Mutec MC3 USB & cable: AES EBU Siltech signature / on DAC – Power cord Energia Alef

  • Mack book pro – software: Audirnivana - cable USB Transparent

  • DAC Denafrips Terminator - DAC Lampizator Lite 7 & Tubes EML 45 Mesch - power cord NBS reference - Interconnect: Music Link Reference balanced from Transparent

  • Preamp Athena from Denafrips Interconnect RCA Kubala Sosna Revelation MIT MA Oracle Balanced - Power cord NBS Ref

  • Power Amplifier: Spectral 360 mon block - Power cord speakers cable MIT MA oracle to Speakers - Power cord Oyade Tunami GPX - power cleaner: Delta Sigma

  • Speakers : Avalon Indra – Avalon Eidolon Diamond

Credit: Alain Thomas @ Luxembourg




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