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A fluidity / organicity never felt before

After a few years I decided to change my setup to something less entry-level, changing an Advance Acoustic integrated to a Rocksan K3. Already the dac wolfson present in the French integrated, despite having a good musicality, did not satisfy me in terms of separation of instruments, control and depth of the stage. After a while I started buying a series of dacs in the € 1000 range but all of them did not give me that analogical feeling I was looking for (I was about to abandon the concept of liquid music) until I bought the ares, suggested by a friend which followed the denafrips for some time.

From that moment on, a new world has opened up, a world that makes you appreciate liquid music and doesn't make you want a setup oriented on anything else. Already initially only with the connection of the Sotm SMS 200 Neo to the Ares II which is set to the Nos mode, which I prefer, an intimate listening relationship was born, as if I were talking to a friend sitting on the sofa: exceptional mid-bass control a natural high range, but above all an incredibly real voice.

The Ares II has been connected with Audioquest Coffee USB and in RCA in turn with Mogami 2803 terminated by Neutrik, the power chord for all are Supra Lorad 2,5 while on the Monitor Audio speakers the connections are made with the Duelund DCA12GA, Eth cable is Audioquest.

After a while I decided to insert the Iris in the chain, and I do not hide from you that I had many doubts about what it could do better than what the Ares II already did.

As soon as it was inserted, I immediately noticed a greater width of the stage and a fluidity / organicity never felt before: the image is more stable and precise with the focus well defined and all with greater clarity than only Ares II.

I am very happy and satisfied with this combination which I think is truly incredible and I thank Denafrips and Alvin of Vinshine Audio for these products with an impressive quality / price ratio.

Credit: Giuseppe V. @ Italy





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