Rich, natural and deep musical representation of all type of music

August 19, 2020

In my case the Ares II makes my system to a level I never thought possible in this price range .


I knew the source had an important role in a system but never at this point . Rich , natural and deep musical representation of all type of music . High frequencies are perfectly controlled especially with pianos which is really important to me . The mids fill the room with warmth and makes my speakers sounds a lot bigger and i am not talking about colored irritating kind of sound here . The bass is linearly clean , natural and fast . Voices are incredible .. detailed natural rich human sounding .


Very happy with my purchase ! How would you guys describe the improvement after ”burn in ” period ? my unit as less than 20h and im already more than satisfied .



Amp : jolida jd1501brc hybrid integrated tube amp ( gold lion genalex 12ax7 tubes )
Xlr : van den hul d-102
Speaker : dynaudio emit m30
Dac : Denafrips Ares II ( cambridge dacmagic before )
Source : tidal > audirvana
A/C’s : stock
Usb cable : cheap 20$ A-B cable


Big thanks to Alvin who is very effective and available for his customers.





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