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  • Josef

Music sounds really alive!

Dear Alvin,

The Terminator-Plus sounds absolutely amazing :)

Some of my initial impressions - everything in the sound I had before became better, the detail, the soundstage, lower noise floor. I'm hearing amazing level of detail that I never heard before with my Hifiman Susvara headphones, and I'm rediscovering my favorite music. The sound is more 3d, it feels like the sounds have a 3d shape in space. The soundstage is much bigger, music sounds larger on a bigger scale and bigger space. Instruments sound absolutely real, like people next to me are playing the instruments. Music sounds really alive. The Terminator-Plus took my headphones to a new level of performance. It's very inaccurate but I would say the Terminator-Plus gives me 2X the sound quality that I had before I got it (I was using a sound card before), all aspects of the sound improved. I'm really enjoying listening to music with the Terminator-Plus and discovering a new level with my favorite music that I never heard before.

I also installed the USB Disruptor adapter, it removed the noise from my computer and improved the sound with lower noise floor and more detail with the Terminator-Plus.

Thank you for the Terminator-Plus and for the great service :)

Thank you



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