First impression of the new Pontus DAC

June 11, 2020



Here is my first impression of the new Pontus:


  • - I congratulate Denafrips on a new class of music playback!

  • - A significantly better musical flow from the first note (maybe someone assembled the device for me with love :)

  • - an open midrange, as I have never heard from a new devices direct from factory

  • - Fall in love with details, but always in context, musically

  • - it is a sound image that gives intimacy, as if you are hanging on the lips of the artist

  • - even old discs get an energy, that is just incredible, you can hear old CDs and recordings again

  • - incredibly realistic spatial image with extreme micro-information, very fast sound structure, seamless

  • - OS operation is awesome

  • - NOS gives a little more timbre but less details


I had already heard the clear development with the Terminator, but the Pontus tops the whole thing, especially with headphones a real dream!


Important for me and a good sign, I am not itchy to modify the device. :)


Congratulations to Denafrips, I think the brand with this sound approach and the possibilities of the developers is the hottest manufacturer at the moment, many have to be careful!

And at these prices!


I almost want to warn because the Pontus is almost a terminator killer :), depending on how it develops. But for that I would have had to have the new terminator here longer to judge the conclusion.





Credit: Mike Christ e.K.




HEADquarter Audio ®




Manufacturer comments:


The Pontus DAC is upgraded with:

  • Latest BGA-DSP module

  • Components fine tuning with positive sonic improvements, i.e. WIMA caps, Rubycon Caps etc (subjected to change without prior notice)









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