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Music with body and space

Enjoying the great sound of the Pontus

I do not consider myself an audiophile but I do like a music lover which I have enjoyed from an early age. I grew up listening to music on the great Telefunken console where my mother played her vinyl records, this in the distant 60's.

The repertoire generally consisted of orchestral, classical and instrumental music, collections of the Deutsche Grammophon as well as collections of LPs of the Rider Didges.

My first album at age 8 was The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, that was a disruption to the musical tastes of the owner of the console.

All my life I have tried to listen to music in the best way that my resources allowed me and I consider myself eclectic in my musical preferences, I really appreciate the quality of the recordings, the clarity, the depth, the dynamics I enjoy the same classical style as Jazz or Rock, Don't say Blues or Latin Jazz.

I am from the analog era so I have a preference for that flavor but with the arrival in the 80's of digital media, the challenge has always been, that they sound like analogs and it is so far with the DENAFRIPS PONTUS, which I have come very close , really a lot, to that analog taste. It is a special feeling, like that space is filled with multiple chords, not only what you always hear but music with body and space.

Thanks a lot.

Credit: Tonatiuth @ Mexico

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