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  • Mark S.

TERMINATOR @ Ontario Canada

This past November I first came across the Denafrips name while researching headphones and related components . The name stuck in my memory as I read through volumes of headphone gear info and testimonials however it was time to get serious and get out and actually listen to some of these headphone components dacs and such . Well maybe I’m just too picky few things held my attention at the couple of audio shows I attended and unfortunately Denafrips was not represented by anyone there.

Fast forward to March of this year my focus was search for a Dac and amplifier after borrowing several to try out in my home . Looking over Denafrips once again I made contact with a couple owners that seem to have their feet firmly on the ground in this hobby . I was now convinced the Denafrips Terminator was for me and proceeded to put an order for one through Vinshine Audio , Wow What Service ! Responsive communication to my questions you couldn’t ask for any better .

The Denafrips Terminator actually did terminate a couple of dealer borrowed even more expensive and popular dacs then the Terminator.

I’m getting much , much more out of my CD collection I never thought possible and best of all my wife loves me even more when I switch to headphone listening. Fantastic job Denafrips,......

Credit: Mark S. @ Ontario Canada

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