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2018 DIY MANIA Meet Up Event

Hi everyone,

We would like to thank all the members who participated in the 2018 DIYMania’s first Meet Up event on February 3rd, 2018. (

Before writing a review, I’d like to apology that we could not provide the good sound at the event due to lack of our preparation (e.g., speaker system doesn’t match well). So I promise that we are going to be more fully prepared in the future event.

We actually were regret that I could not have visited the listening room beforehand. Even we started to prepare the listening system from 10:30 am and there was nothing but cable tuning (for power and interconnect) for making of good sound balance. However it was not easy work and we couldn’t be satisfied enough. Later, we recognize that the speaker system (Falcon Labs Model 707 – Omnidirectional) which is ready in the room was very high sensitivity and sound pressure level (SPL) that could be good match with like a tube amplifiers.


By the way, let me summarize the event briefly from now.

The event seems to have been attended by about 22 persons (28 in total to include staff), and the time for the event has passed quickly as expected.

In this meeting, it was introduced the status of MPRE (Preamp DIY project) and MPower (Power-amp DIY project) which is continuously upgraded by DIYMania.NET. Also the ENIGMA (R2R DAC DIY project), currently in progress also was introduced (includes DIY tips) as a main event. As always, it also seemed not enough time although we tried to increase listening time.

First, there was a welcoming speech by Mr. Ryu Young-Seung, who is currently in charge of DIYMania.NET.

It is most important time to introduce all participants… It was always a good time to see each other in a long time. As always, there is a person who will be with you for the first time, and a person who has come from abroad.

Next, I presented about some Tips’ for ENIGMA DAC – how to upgrade with the individual discrete PSU. I believe that the challenge for creating a high-end DAC with your own work (DIY) will never stop !

Highlights of the meeting !!!

There was an interesting event which is a comparison of four different types of DAC as follows (all R-2R dac):

1. Auqa’s La Scalar MK2 optologic

2. DENAFRIPS Terminator (Original version)

3. DIYMania Enigma (Dual) *DIY

4. DIYMania Enigma (Single) *DIY

After listening test, a total of 16 people have participated in the survey, and the results are as below table.

We hope that all your ENIGMA DAC really meets all the criteria when you finish your DIY work. “The younger generation is better prepared !”

(Note) It is not an absolute evaluation results, but it is a simple collection of the results that are evaluated according to each individual vote.(Note) The score is the result of just summing up of one person chooses the best by each criteria (one can only choose one point for each criteria) The following video is the sketch of our event. You can see what happened :-)

The following video is the sketch of our event. You can see what happened :-)

In Part 2 at the event, there was a time to introduce MPRE and MPower project which was recently upgraded by Mr. Ryu. Please look forward to co-buy of related items soon.

At the second listening time, we change the speaker system with ATC’s SLP300 which is an active speaker in order to test DACs only. Personally, 'Hotel California' seemed to be the best :-)

Here are some of survey results for further improvement of the event.

Based on this, we will make it better for the next meeting.

Finally, we had a warm sharing and made the event even more wonderful.

- Mr. Kang kindly provided a great lunch to the staff

- Mr. Im kindly brought his ENIGMA DAC (single) for the test event from Daejoen

Of course, I would like to thank all the members of DIYMania.NET who always support us from behind.

#Special thanks to Mr. Seungyun who came from Japan for this event. Please check his behind story [here].

Thank you very much !


-- by Sukhyun LIM

*Scripted by Mr Seungyun with love from Japan.

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