June 1, 2020

Hello Alvin, thank you so much for following up and making sure that the Venus arrive a bit earlier than anticipated.

I am enjoying the new DAC very much, below I am sharing my initial impressions after a couple of weeks of listening to my favorite music on it. I added...

March 27, 2020


Denafrips Venus is an incredible sounding DAC from any point of view. It will please all types of music lovers with sweet sonics, rich harmonics, with its full-bodied and grain-free presentation. I tried looking for the needle in the haystack but the more I l...

February 9, 2020

First of all, because of the softness of this sound, I said it was warm and it's true. But it is warm not by rolling off the treble, but by a natural attack that can be perceived as soft. Especially if we were previously exposed to sound with a much harder, more clearl...

September 8, 2019

Alvin from Vinshine Audio asked me to document my impressions of the Denafrips Venus.  I am in no way a professional reviewer.  I am just an Audiophile that was looking for a new DAC. 

I received my Venus on July 5, 2019.  My last two DACs came from big name D...

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