EMOTION of the Performers

Alvin I received the Ares II today and have been listening to it non stop. The Ares II replaced a Mytek Liberty DAC and I could not be happier. I am enjoying not only the MUSIC but also the EMOTION of the performers. I do not know how Denafrips does this, but I just want to say thank you to Team Denafrips for this new experience. If this is the bottom of the Denafrips line, I can only imagine what the other DAC’s can sound like. Well, actually I cannot imagine as this one is performing superbly. System consists of EDGE G2 preamplifier, EDGE G8 power amplifier, Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers, Resonant Woods stands, VPI Prime turntable, Parasound JC3 phono preamp, Mac Mini running Roon and Tidal

Very Happy Terminator Owner

What else can I say about the Denafrips Terminator DAC that wasn’t already said in other reviews. It’s a marvellous machine which fully justify its price tag! Before I purchased theTerminator, I had the Pontus in my system and decided to move on to the flagship DAC because I was so impress with it. The Pontus comes close in sound quality to the Terminator but at about one third the premium. In my view, its the better bargain but If you can allow yourself to spend more right up to the Terminator then you get more detail and precision, bass is also tighter and has more punch. I think the Terminator greatest strength (as for the Pontus) is to be able to rock out. This DAC likes to be played out

News @ on-mag.fr

Thank you on-mag.fr of the products introduction! Source: https://www.on-mag.fr/index.php/topaudio/actualites-news/20421-denafrips-le-terminator-singapourien-des-dac-audiophiles-high-end

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