Audiophile-Magazine: Grand Frisson Award 2019

"In other words, Denafrips gives a lot for the asking price. In this price range, I have not heard anything better yet, and the performance of the Terminator is simply remarkable! It is all the more so as it has stood up against this benchmark to prestigious competitors in a much higher price range. Indeed, at no time, the Terminator has really left behind or could pass for a machine of lower category. No, on the contrary, it has positioned itself as a credible alternative to all these much more expensive converters. The performance of the Denafrips DAC as an R2R converter is even more amazing. It is among the R2R DAC that I could have listened to and tested so far, one of the most dynamic

6moons Review: Artemis Headphone Amp

Phrased from the other direction, bright nervy lit-up headphones with a tendency for whitishness and top-down etherealness of the same slant and religion;would find themselves properly grounded. Here it's relevant to remember basics. Due to sheer proximity of transducer to ear; due to elimination of xover-induced phase shift and multi-driver comb filtering; due to absence of room interference, signal reflections/delays and loss over distance headfi out-details and out-linearizes the vast majority of speakerfi by a significant margin. In extremes like our Raal Requisite SR1a nude floating dipole ribbons, this means assaultive detail density such as is never heard with live music. Accordingly,

VENUS @ New Jersey

Alvin from Vinshine Audio asked me to document my impressions of the Denafrips Venus. I am in no way a professional reviewer. I am just an Audiophile that was looking for a new DAC. I received my Venus on July 5, 2019. My last two DACs came from big name DAC companies. I had the top of the line models from PS Audio and Mytek. This time I really wanted to try the Denafrips Terminator, but it was just a bit out of my price range. My budget was hard fixed at $3000. The Venus looked like just the ticket. Now I am really glad I went with the Venus over the other R2R DAC I was looking at in the same price range. I left the Venus playing for a week straight to break it in. I did some initi

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