Warning: Grey Market Products

Hello guys, Thank you for your support throughout the years. It's coming to 3 years since we established and expanded the business globally. It was you who supported our business that keep us alive and growing. It has come to our attention that some customers had mistakenly bought our products from the grey market sellers. Please be informed that we do not have any other sales channel except for Vinshine Audio Singapore and their partners listed in the website. Products sold from unauthorized sources like eBay/AliExpress/Amazon do not carry a warranty from us. We cannot guarantee the unauthorized sources product origin, whether it is previously used, refurbished or counterfeit. The product m

Impression of the New DSP Upgrade

I didn't expect to find myself writing here this soon, but I have just received my new DSP today, like 10 hours ago. I actually thought I might "comment" on it in a couple of weeks or so, let things settle in. yet here I'm. OKAY... in this hobby I know that we (at least me if you are not!) always get excited when some new addition sounds REAL good, and immediately we feel like telling friends. so, with that in mind, I apologize in advance if I seem to be over excited. but I just couldn't hold it and needed to share. The new DSP was relatively easy to install, just handle gently and be real careful about orientation as per the instructions. it might be slightly tricky as the pins underneath a

High Fidelity RED Fingerprint Award

A creation which resulted in Ares from Denafrips is extremely convincing. This is a sound that just a few years back one wouldn't have been able to buy for that kind of money. Though the device overlays its point of view over the music, it does it in a sophisticated way, which allows us to forgot that we listen to a "digital" music and as result we can concentrate on listening to the "music" without any adjectives. The main advantage of Ares is how unbelievably fast it is. It's not about any kind of exaggeration but rather about the real dynamics and microdynamics - the signal buildup is immediate, making the percussion from the Art Pepper's Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section fantastically

Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac

A big THANK YOU to Steve Guttenberg (aka Audiophiliac) of the favorable Ares DAC review in the world renowned CNET.com and the YouTube channel. Read the full review: https://www.cnet.com/news/this-digital-converter-sounds-so-good-it-might-convert-lp-loving-audiophiles/ Watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/x32kMm6E4Pg Grab yourself the great Ares DAC here: https://www.vinshineaudio.com/product-page/denafrips-ares-r2r-dac Thanks for reading, enjoy the music! Sincerely, DENAFRIPS TEAM

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