How To: Upgrade DSP Board

Hello guys, The New DSP Board for the Terminator DAC is in mass production now as i type. We should begin shipping in a week or two, max. Trust us, we would like to get it shipped you way as soon as we can. Please bear with us to take the necessary time to deliver the long anticipated upgrade to you! While waiting for it, let's check out these simple steps to upgrade the DSP board. 0. Unplug the power cord to power off the DAC. 1. Use Allen Key to loosen the two screws located at the rear panel, lift the top cover open 2. Identify the location of the old DSP board 3. Carefully unplug the old DSP board. Apply force evenly at the four corners of the DSP board to pull it out gently. Do not use

"The perfect DAC for enjoying music."

The perfect DAC for enjoying music. Pros - Truly enjoyable music with less bright treble Bass extension is deeper Excellent details and Transparency Wide soundstage Value for price Cons - R-2R architecture DAC requires some "heat up" before performing at its best. Having a remote can be a nice option too First of all, I like to thank Alvin from Vinshine Audio for loaning me this Denafrips Pontus DAC. I own both Hugo and Mojo for both portable and transportable (in fact desktop) audio setup. I was always looking forward to owning a true discrete R-2R ladder DAC but was always put off by the high prices. It’s the 1st R2R DAC i tried but what really captures my attention is the well solid bu

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