DSD1024, PCM1536 - Are you ready?

Guys, The long-awaited DSP board upgrade is here, almost! Our flagship Terminator DAC has been a successful reference-grade DAC, staying strong and highly praised in the audiophile community; it has been highly sought after since 2017. Nonetheless, we've been working behind the scene to seek further improvements to what was already considered a high-end DAC. Some of you might heard the rumours of this upgrade way back in 2018. We took a considerably long time to redevelop the core Digital Signal Processing FPGA, tested various USB Audio Interface solutions, run through thousand of tests, to arrive at where we are today. These hard works are necessary to make sure we are convinced and satisfi

Hyperion Review

Denafrips Hyperion Power Amplifier Review If anyone wants to understand/appreciate the results of the technological revolution that has taken place in China, look no further than this amp. The law of diminishing returns on investment operates fuzzily in the wacky world of audiophile components – apropos, people with not a lot of money often do not get as much sound-quality-bang-for-their-buck as they might want. But this amp is a genuine high-end amp for just $2100 CAD (duty/taxes included) delivered to your door. For great photos that reveal the fantastic build quality/design, along with a super-detailed review far more informative and insightful than mine, check out this online review from

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