DENAFRIPS TERMINATOR @ Zurich, Switzerland

"Stop that plastic music" - is the common comment of my wife entering the room while I listen to file based music. When you ask her, why she judges digital music that hard, she would most probably start talking about artificiality and the lack of emotions in digital music. Actually I love her for this audio passion. We share the same HiFi hobby and music is some important part of our live. We both like vinyl most and for my wife there is no need for another source, OK, for usability a CD is accepted by exception, but there is absolutely no need for computer audio. So why do I spend a reasonable amount of time and mony for computer audio?- I think it is about the theory behind digital audio.


Just over a year ago on head-fi, I read some comments on these DENAFRIPS DAC R2R in which Claudio and a Russian were exchanging information on a little Ares. it's a best-buy they said, I did not think about it a lot and I decided to buy the Ares DAC. My first after listening to the Northstar Excelsio and an Auralic Vega, neither of them stayed in my system. A few months later I went to the Pontus. It’s good, but it did not make me cry out for the miracle I wanted more, I could not resist but upgraded to the Terminator. After only 10 hours of running-in, I was completely convinced. The first impact compared to the Pontus were the voices. It’s clear, without grain, absolutely natural, it seems


The Denafrips Terminator DAC is now fully established in my system. Two DACs ago, I was using an MSB Technology Platinum DAC III. I had it for 8 enjoyable years but, near the end, I became less satisfied with the sound. I replaced that with a Holo Audio Spring DAC Level 3 Kitsune Tuned Edition.In general, this DAC gave me much of the clarity that I would expect to have, given 8 years of technological and materials advancements. The Holo DAC ultimately did have some limitations in how music was expressed, a small amount of hardness to the sound, and a limited range of flexibility. The search continued and led me to the Denafrips Terminator. Denafrips states "The Terminator will be our True Re

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