I just hooked up the Terminator last week and only have a few hours on it but have already started to explore my "go-to" tracks and finding depth and detail I hadn't heard before. The Terminator's sound is on the warm side of neutral, kind of like my analog rig (Rega P2 with Dynavector 10x5 MC cartridge), has a much wider and deeper soundstage than my previous DAC, the Gungnir MB, and has absolutely no sibilance. I listened to a variety of tracks, from Peter Gabriel "Games without Frontiers" and "Biko", to the entire Dhur Dhura "Adventures in Afropea 2" album, to Radiohead's dreamy "A Moon Shaped Pool". For Classical I threw in Mahler's 4th Symphony with Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Fra

DENAFRIPS Terminator & Jay’s Audio CDT-3 MK2, A Review

Short and sweet, the DENAFRIPS Terminator is a very significant development for me, a game changer. If it is within your budget I highly recommend it for your consideration regardless of the top-end of your budget. Here is where I am coming from. I love music. My passion over a number of decades has been pursuing the hi-fi that can let me hear what musicians want to convey and involve me in their performances. My main rig is vinyl - Acoustical Systems Axiom Arm and Palladian Cartridge, Micro Seki 5000/5500 Turntable & HS-80 Flywheel, Acoustical Systems Omnigon Phono Preamp, custom 8W Class A battery monoblocks, Pioneer Exclusive TAD 2404 Studio Monitors & EnigmaAcoustics Sopranino Electrosta

TERMINATOR @ Ontario Canada

This past November I first came across the Denafrips name while researching headphones and related components . The name stuck in my memory as I read through volumes of headphone gear info and testimonials however it was time to get serious and get out and actually listen to some of these headphone components dacs and such . Well maybe I’m just too picky few things held my attention at the couple of audio shows I attended and unfortunately Denafrips was not represented by anyone there. Fast forward to March of this year my focus was search for a Dac and amplifier after borrowing several to try out in my home . Looking over Denafrips once again I made contact with a couple owners that se

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