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Denafrips Terminator Listening Impressions My initial impressions of the DENAFRIPS Terminator (DT) are in the context of my headphone system (Roon Server, Auralic Aries, DT, Audeze King, Audeze LCD2) and living room setup (Roonserver, Aurender N100, Auralic Vega, Oppo UDP 205, Audio Research LS2B, Krell KSA 250, Apogee speakers, REL sub). I could make an attempt at creative writing or repeating what other reviewers (those who do this for a living exempt [pay to play]) have eloquently described before - however, life is short. If you are in this hobby to pursue the enjoyment of music and are in the position to make a discretionary spend for a DAC irrespective of cost, I am enthusiastically r


Awards Thank you Dr. David #Positive Feedback of the Audio Oasis Award! We're truly pleased and honored to receive this award! Major press coverage Stereophile - Day Two with Herb I always enjoy visiting Vinh Vu, president of Gingko Audio and Danacable. He plays music I like, always gets good sound, and helps me understand the sometimes-unusual lineup of products he demonstrates. This year was no exception. The $9000 Made in America Gingko Audio ClaraVU 7 Mk.3 modular speaker system consists of a top-mounted monitor speaker with a 6.5" paper cone bass-midrange plus a 1" slightly horn-loaded silk dome tweeter, combined with a horn-loaded ribbon super-tweeter that Vinh Vu said crosses over at


Gingko Audio will have a demo featuring the world premiere of the full line of DENAFRIPS ladder DACs: Ares, Pontus, Venus, and Terminator in Room 1524 at AXPONA at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Chicago area, April 13-15th 2018. Drop by to listen to the highly sought after DAC! Preview @ Youtube: Many thanks. Sincerely, DENAFRIPS

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