DACs of 2017 Shootout!

Probably the first, and most wanted DENAFRIPS #TERMINATOR DAC ---- Shootout! Initial Impression: "Your DAC sounds very natural and effortless. I really like listening to it. It basically has the best of the others. It's natural AND very detailed. The rest are one or the other for the most part." TURN ON THE VOLUME, AND, ENJOY! Introduction: Preliminary: Subscribe to the OCD Hi-Fi Guy Youtube channel to find out more!


PONTUS, oh PONTUS, how do I love thee ? Let me count the ways . . . . Introduction: As promised this is part II of my association with Denafrips DACs, and Alvin of Vinshine Audio who distributes them. Mr. Denafrips PONTUS has been with me about 3 weeks now, long enough for me to feel comfortable with some early observations. First of all, he is one handsome fella, all brushed silver with an elegance all his own. I have even grown used to the tiny L.E.D. indicators on the front panel, they seem to fit with the no nonsense character of this design and even at night are not obtrusive. Secondly Alvin was right, the PONTUS is a big second rung up the Denafrips ladder. What struck me first: 1) Whe

ARES in Colorado Springs

Hello all, First a little background: I am a lifelong audiophile and a retired Aerospace EE. I usually don't find time to engage in audio blogs/forums/discussion groups, but felt compelled to do so this time. I still have a great vinyl rig, but over the last ten years or so have become hooked on the convenience of the digital format. Like most of us I have been pursuing a more analog and life-like sound from my digital source. To that end I have been purchasing the latest DACs based on the Sabre chip. Recently they introduced the new 9038 DAC chip and I found myself ready purchase one. But wait, shouldn't I do a little investigation before spending my hard earned cash ? What I learn

TERMINATOR - The Last Chapter

Terminator has been singing for two months. Since my entire system was powered up by PSAudio Powerplant P10 (except for the 10MHz clock), I switched off them when not in use, so I did not burn in the Terminator for the said two months period. Most audiophile are excited when newly purchase an equipment, but the excitement brought by the new equipment doesn’t last very long – A brief period of enthusiasm. In most case, when audiophile purchased a new equipment, set it up, and listen to it, they will find that the improvement of the new equipment was the best and invincible at the very moment. But in the next days, they will hear a lot of shortcomings (as the excitement dies down), hence, cont

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