TERMINATOR - An End, or a Start?

Terminator has arrived for a week, there are some discussion in another forum post, I started this thread here to try to share my impression. First of all, you do not have to waste time reading the words that you have concern or do not have confidence in audio products made in mainland China. First, why buy the Terminator? 1. The most direct of course is the 6Moons review, otherwise I simply did not know this brand. 2. Of course I am a audio enthusiast, I like to buy audio gears judging from HiFi reviews. I started this hobby as early as since 1984, CD was born shortly after. Back then, I get to learn new HiFi equipment by reading the local audio magazines, and buy them through the recommend


APULIA HIFI SHOW 2017 @ ITALY! The DENAFRIPS' #virgin HiFi Show was a great success! We received a lot of inquiries and order(s) on the very first day! The room is one of the best sounding one, we're honored and grateful! Thank you for the supports! Media coverage: http://www.remusic.it/IT/Apulia-HiFi-Show-2017-2d24f800 Organizer: http://www.apuliahifishow.it/ p/s: Special thank to our audiophile friend(s) from the Italy to make it happen!

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