DENAFRIPS all-new USB DAC solution supports UAC2.0, MAC OS compatible. The following guide & screenshots are self-explanatory.

Step 1: Connect the standard USB cable from MAC USB port to the DAC USB input.  

Step 2: Plug in the Power Cord to the DAC, turn on the power. The DAC Standby LED should light up. It's tiny piece of pinhole size indication LED in red, cool, isn't it?

Step 3: Press the Power Button once, the DAC shall turn on. Select USB input. The USB input LED should light up. 

Step 4: Check MAC System Preferences -> Sound

Step 5: In Sound setting pop-up, DENAFRIPS DAC should be detected as "USB HiRes Audio"

Step 6: Launch roon* application. Check the USB DAC settings in Settings->Audio. Enable the device, give it a meaningful Zone Name, i.e. DENAFRIPS DAC.

Step 7: Click Device Setup to parameterize the DENAFRIPS DAC. Please set it to Exclusive Mode to allow roon application to take full control of the USB DAC. 

Step 8: It's done. Play some music & enjoy!


*For other playback software, the steps to set up are similar. 


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