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DENAFRIPS all-new USB DAC solution supports off-site firmware update. The update includes updating of the USB MCU firmware and the core DSP FPGA firmware. 


The procedures are as described in the following. It can be done in Windows 10 Operating System over the USB port by a computer savvy person. Should you need further assistance, please contact us.


Windows 10 enforces driver signatures by default. This can be disabled to install drivers that are not digitally signed. Use the following steps to disable driver signature enforcement.

  1. Click the Start Start menu and select Settings.

  2. Click Update and Security.

  3. Click on Recovery.

  4. Click Restart now under Advanced Startup.

  5. Click Troubleshoot.

  6. Click Advanced options.

  7. Click Startup Settings.

  8. Click on Restart.

On the Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement. 


Your computer will restart and you will be able to install non-digitally signed drivers. If you restart your computer again the driver signature enforcement will be re-enabled.


You would need the following items in order to proceed:

  1. A Windows 10 PC/Laptop with USB port

  2. Standard USB Cable

  3. Internet Connection (To download the driver and firmware packages)



Please click on the following links to download the necessary zip packages.

  1. ConfigProgramDriver

  2. Firmware Tool


Please note that flashing the incorrect firmware will brick the product. Please do not use any firmware obtain from unknown sources. 


STEP 1: Plug in the USB cable from the Windows PC to the DAC USB input port.

STEP 2: Power up the DAC. Turn in on by pressing the STANDBY button once. Select the USB input. The USB DAC should be detected (if the driver is already installed in the Windows PC). 


STEP 3: Enable the DDC/DAC into firmware update mode.




Press the STANDBY button once, turn the DAC into STANDBY mode. Press the following button once:

  • Ares II - Phase Button

  • Pontus/Venus/Terminator/Terminator Plus - Mode Button



  • Iris DDC: YouTube Video Guide

  • Hermes / Gaia DDC: Press Setup button once, thereafter, press USB button twice

This will enable the DDC/DAC into Firmware Update mode.

The Windows computer shall detect the USB HiRes F-20 Configuration device in Device Manager

Unknown Driver.png

STEP 4: Install the Configuration Driver. You've downloaded it previously in DOWNLOAD section above. Click on the Setup (Windows Batch File) to install the driver. Click Next on the Installation Wizard, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation. 

Important Note: Windows Signed Driver Enforcement must be disabled to successfully install the Configuration Driver. Failure to install the driver will not be able to proceed with the firmware update.  

Install Driver.JPG
Install Driver 2.JPG

STEP 5: Once the Configuration Driver is installed successfully, the libusb-win32 device -> USB HiRes Audio F-20 Configuration shall be detected by the Windows PC without any (?) or (!) mark. This signify that the Configuration Driver is installed successfully.

Libusb-win32 Driver.png

STEP 6: Locate the Firmware Tool zip folder. You've downloaded it previously in DOWNLOAD section above. Unzip it. You should see the following files in the folder. 

Update Setup.JPG

STEP 7: Click on the Update MCU & FPGA (Windows Batch File) to start flashing the USB MCU and FPGA firmware. The following Command Prompt windows pop-up to details the Flashing Progress. It may take up to 5 minutes to flash the firmware.


STEP 8: Once the firmware is flashed successfully, press any key to close the Command Prompt. Power off the DAC completely by turning off the power supply or unplug the power cord. Wait for 2 minutes, power on the DAC. Select USB. The DENAFRIPS USB DAC should be detected. Play some test tones to make sure the DAC is operational. 


Congratulation! You've successfully updated the USB MCU and DSP FPGA firmware! Enjoy the music!




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