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We are living in a very different world. The advancement of technologies, digitization, cloud computing and so on. We knew that Computer Audio, Streaming Services have become the new norm of music playback. But we also knew that there is a large group of audiophile and music lover who still believe in spinning a disc. Forget about the hassle of getting the Computer Audio right. Get yourself a good CD Transport, insert your favorite Redbook CD into it and hit the play button. Hurray! Music just flow through the ears.


If you still spin a disc, the AVATAR CD Transport is built for you.

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Leveraging our knowledge and technologies in the Digital Domain, we integrated the famous Philips CDM4/19 laser assembly in the AVATAR. We stocked up 3000pcs of NOS Philips CDM4/19 laser mechanisms to ensure the longevity of the product life-cycle and catered sufficient spares for servicing.


A dozen of Ultra Low Noise, Precision Linear Power Regulars along with dual oversized O-Core Transformers, delivers clean power to the digital circuitry effortlessly. 

The digital data retrieved by the CDM4/19 is FIFO buffered and reclocked via the FEMTO Crystal Oscillator. This process eliminates the jitter to negligible level, ensuring the digital output signal are free from the harmful jitter noise.

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AVATAR is equipped with plenty of digital output interfaces - probably the world most comprehensive one, ever. It has the usual suspect, SPDIF over OPT, Coax, AES/EBU; and LVDS I2S over HDMI and RJ45, LVCMOS I2S over RJ45. 

Fancy upsampling the Redbook CD 44.1KHz to higher sampling rate? We got you covered. It is within the reach of your fingers tip. Flip the toggle switches located at the rear panel to change the sampling rate from 44.1KHz to 88.2KHz, 176.4KHz, 352.8KHz. Isn't it cool?

Invested a high end Master Clock and like to utilize it to sync the clock of your gears? Sure. AVATAR comes with a Master Clock input that allow you to connect the external clock to it. Flip the toggle switch to enable external Master Clock input. 

What is more do you want from a CD Transport? We ask. 

​Oh yes, it comes with a full aluminium, CNC machined Remote Control, too.

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