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AVATAR CDM4/19 Replacement

DENAFRIPS all-new USB DAC solution supports UAC2.0, MAC OS compatible. The following guide & screenshots are self-explanatory.

Step 1: Loosen and remove the three (3) screws at the back panel. Tools required: 2.5mm allen-key

Avatar (2).JPG

Step 2: Lift the top cover gently. Please be extra careful of the short cable connected to the front panel (marked in red at the following photo), disconnect it. Remove the top cover and put it aside safely.

Avatar (3).JPG

Step 3: Video guide to remove the CDM4/19 drive holder. There are two cables connected to the main board. Please disconnect them before removing the holder from the main board. 

Step 4: Replace the new CDM4/19 laser. There are four(4) screws securing the CDM4/19 laser to the drive holder. Unscrew them, and replace the laser. 

Drive Base Plate.jpg
CDM4 19 Mouting.jpg

Step 5: Install the drive holder back to the original location. Connect the two cables carefully. 

Step 6: Install the top cover, connect the short cable to the front display control board. 

Step 7: Secure the three(3) screws of the top cover

Step 8: CDM4/19 laser replacement completed. Now, play some music!

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